FirmOS Consulting

Datacenter Solutions

We make tailor made Webapplications or Services for Datacenter Usage including Management, Operations, Monitoring based on our own framework.

As core technologies we use Illumos, ZFS, Zones, KVM.

HTML5 and Object-Oriented-Database

We develop HTML5 based web applications using various modern browser technologies e.g. Websockets for realtime user experience in using brower based applications. The FirmOS application framework is based on our object-oriented database backend to accomplishcomplex datastructures and support large amounts of data. On the client-side we use a FirmOS styled Javascript Dojo Framework to provide a state-of-the-art client feeling.


We design and implement storage applications for your needs based on Illumos the former OpenSolaris technology, scaling from a few TB for your personal needs to enterprise grade solutions over a Petabyte of data. Especially designed for your varying needs, the design focus may be on speed, space, redundancy or on all of these goals, we provide an affordable solution based on freely available server-grade computer parts. Filebased or block-based concepts or a hybrid of both with local or remote redundancy are feasible goals tailored to your business. Making the storage highly geographical redundant with fibre channel technology guarantees for highest possible availability and stability.

Server Virtualisation

FirmOS designs and implements virtualised environments for your companies server environment. We are using industry standard VMWare technologies and also KVM Technology on Illumos/OpenSolaris Know How is present. We scale the host systems, the storage needs for a hybrid solution and the surrounding network needs. We help to migrate your Windows Servers, your Linux Systems or other machines to a virtualized solution to lower your effective costs and increase the reliability of your computing landscape.

Hardware and Electronic

On special occasions it is not feasible or cost effective, to solve special problems with standard components off the rack. Innovative designs based on customized hardware boards and tailored firmware can be the solution for your special requirement. We can help with designing and building customized electronics and devices consisting of existing microcontroller boards or even circuit boards with own layout.